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Welcome to Sanguine, a site shrine dedicated to Yuuki Judai, the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! Generation Next( more commonly known as Yu-Gi-Oh! GX or GeneX).

This site is maintained by Yakeru and LC. For more information on the site owners, go here.

Aaand... we have to apologize for our unrelated theme^^, We are currently in the process of making a Judai theme.

 Warning: This site contains both highly opinionated information, shonen-ai.refernces as well as other controversial material

We also use only Japanese names(since the Dub version is poorly translated) unless referring to the dub.

Credit goes to Photobucket, Katsa, and YGO Wikia for images.

Disclaimer: We do not own Judai Yuuki, nor do we own Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (perhaps if we did, then the near-kiss scene in Episode 115 would actually be a kiss and everyone would love us~). Both belong to NAS and Kazuki Takahashi.

Update- 10/6/08

LC: As of today, this site is on hiatus to give yakeru time to code the entire site in a new layout~

Update- 09/14/2008

Yakeru: So... this will be the first update. I haven't been working on this for awhile, but meh. My email has been added in the contact section. Please note that I am working on preparing this site to move off of freewebs, so work on it may be slow and/or inexistant.


LC (9/18/08): I've have been busy with other things as well, so updates have been slow, we are currently working on moving off of Freewebs so updates are slow


 Corrently working on: Johan section, Asuka section, Jun section, Shou section, Deck section.

Update- 02/22/2010

Yakeru: looking back on this site... did I really write some of this stuff...  whole sexuality page may get deleted... joy...